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Unravel The Thread: Living the Yoga Sutra today

A beginner's complete guide to living the Yoga Sutra today

Can the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali be applied today? Sutra means thread. Yoga Sutra is the thread of yoga. Most interpretations of the Yoga Sutra are complex and hard to understand. After investing more than 12 years studying, chanting and teaching the Yoga Sutras, Ruben Vasquez guides you on a journey exploring the wisdom of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. This ancient wisdom is relevant and applicable for yoga students and teachers today. Besides clear explanations and examples, each episode offers useful questions to reconnect to your natural clarity and harmony. Unravel the Thread is an invitation to be joyfully present in your life.

Aug 28, 2023

Weaving the Yoga Sutra: Open mind and heart

Is it possible that opening your heart and mind might offer you a portal to awareness?

Are there obstacles preventing you from showing up to each moment with an open mind and an open heart?
What assumptions color your mind?
What predispositions color your emotions?
What is the relationship between your mind and heart, does your open heart automatically invite your mind to open or is it the other way around?
What would it take for you to invite yourself to participate in your life with gentle curiosity, gratitude, and enjoyment?
What happens if you see that this day will never come back? 

This content is inspired by the Yoga Sutra of PAtanjali according to the  book Unravel the Thread by Ruben Vasquez available at: 
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